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The holiday season is when many people wish to give back to their communities through charitable contributions, donations, or participation in service opportunities. Workplaces can tap into the spirit of giving as an opportunity to strengthen teams and gain recognition in the community. Below are three tips for encouraging employees to give back during the holiday season.

Organize Shared Experiences

Choose opportunities for giving that will help connect employees. Some examples include sponsoring a local family or participating in charity-focused holiday events in the community. Activities can be as simple as attending a local school fundraiser or putting up a giving tree in the office.

Consider creating a “Giving Committee” with representatives from across areas in your organization. Empower the committee to develop holiday giving events or opportunities. Working together to promote giving back to the community is an excellent chance for employees who typically don’t work closely together to connect and build relationships.

Build Community Connections

Giving back during the holiday season can also help an organization connect to the local community. Seek out local events and fundraisers, or create your own. For example, reach out to a local animal shelter to inquire about their critical needs and organize a team donation. Another idea is to work with a local nursing home to create and deliver fun holiday-themed care packages and deliver them to residents. Choose causes or community service opportunities that are near and dear to your team members’ hearts. Encourage employees to advocate for their favorite charities and share opportunities to contribute.

Use the holiday giving spirit as a chance to make connections with community organizations and then build the relationship by continuing to participate in their events or volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Celebrate Giving Together

Tie holiday giving opportunities to fun social events. For example, have a raffle at the annual holiday party or luncheon and donate the proceeds to a charitable organization. Combine a team gathering to assemble gift bags or collect donations with a potluck lunch.

Encouraging employees to give back during the holiday season helps build stronger and more connected workplace teams and can also lead to community name recognition and partnerships for your organization.