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John Jezzini

Corporate & Cultural Responsibility

John Jezzini is an entrepreneur, innovator, and leader within the cannabis industry. He is also the CEO and Founder of Los Angeles-based Growth Network Holdings and the Co-Founder of Solomon One, a real estate development company. 

Prior to founding his company, John began his career in the real estate industry as an underwriter for Wells Fargo. He later became the Director of Business Development at The Mortgage Financial Store where he managed over 300 employees and $3 billion in funding. When the housing market crashed, entrepreneurial-minded John discovered the opportunity-filled cannabis industry. Noting that the market had great potential but lacked the structure necessary to grow, he set out to create a one-of-a-kind company and revolutionize the industry. 

In 2009, John Jezzini hired a team of botanists to help him develop a cannabis-specific fertilizer and growing processes that would result in larger yields. Their work manifested itself in the development of proprietary cultivation methodologies that propagate stronger plants, higher yields, and, subsequently, market-leading profit margins. The methodologies they developed, combined with John’s experience in real estate and business, created a vertically-integrated ecosystem that gives them control over every aspect of the supply chain.

In short, John’s innovation paved the way for Growth Network Holdings’ exponential growth in a highly-competitive and rapidly-evolving market. Since his start in cannabis over a decade ago, John has worked in every aspect of his business. In 2011, he began operating cannabis dispensaries throughout Los Angeles, and his retail experience further enlightened him to the gaps within the industry. 

John Jezzini realized early on that cannabis is an incredibly individualized and preference-driven market. As such, Growth Network Holdings has continuously prioritized working with brands and partners that cater to a wide range of demographics and product preferences. 

However, through working within the retail aspect of the industry, he realized that the consumer experience left much to be desired. With a high-end experience catered to both cannabis connoisseurs and the cannabis curious, John developed The High Note. With a fun design that pays homage to the aesthetic of history’s speakeasies—a cheeky nod to the modern cannabis prohibition—The High Note was developed to be replicated across the country. 

While John Jezzini is constantly focused on growing Growth Network Holdings and its reach, he also prioritizes giving back. As a believer in corporate and cultural responsibility, he understands that he is uniquely positioned as a CEO in a developing industry to help better his community, as well as promote a positive reputation for the cannabis space as a whole. 

As such, through their brand, Ervana, Growth Network Holdings works with One Tree Planted. For every ounce of cannabis Ervana sells, the organization will plant a tree in two critical replanting projects in California— the Redwood Valley Fire Restoration in Mendocino County and the Yosemite Valley Fergusson Fire Restoration in Mariposa County. 

John is also actively involved with Midnight Mission, a charity founded in 1916 with a mission to help homeless people off the streets. Since its inception, the organization has evolved greatly, but their goal remains much the same. Focusing on equipping those who live on the streets with valuable life skills, Midnight Mission empowers people to rebuild their lives. 

Additionally, John Jezzini is active with the organization’s sister group, Home Light, which works with women and children affected by drug abuse and domestic abuse. Since many women and children find themselves on the street to escape abuse or dangerous home lives, Home Light was developed to provide a safe space for them to recover and rebuild. Working with the organization, John created and personally funds the Jezzini Learning Center. The Center helps children fill the gaps in their education after fleeing their homes so that they can integrate back into their grade level and feel empowered in their education. 

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